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Contemporary Issues in Religion and Law

60519 Contemporary Issues in Religion and Law

Prof. Dr. Marcia Pally (Guest Professor HU Theological Faculty; New York University und Fordham University, N.Y. US), Prof. Dr. Martin Heger (HU Law Faculty)

Seminar, mit 2 SWS für HS - H 250,650,651, MEd E, MRCV3a in englischer Sprache

SE Mi 16-18 wöch. BU26, Raum 108


This course explores the protections and limitations on religious practice in Germany and the US. It begins with the protections and limits set out in the two constitutions. We will then look at contemporary legal cases in both countries which reflect tensions in increasingly multicultural societies and which the legal framework must resolve. The comparative method is used not only to teach students about both legal systems but to make visible the different cultural/historical assumptions undergirding each. Examples of current debates include: gay marriage, conflicts between freedom of religion and the "neutral" secular state, blasphemy, religious symbols/clothing (head scarves, crosses) in public institutions, and the regulations of faith-based social service agencies.


Additional Information:

Readings will be posted on Moodle.

There are no pre-requisites.

To earn a "Schein", students must give one presentation to the class.

Students may speak to Prof. Pally and Prof. Heger about additional exams (oral and written) or papers to fulfill degree requirements.

StudO REWI 2008/2015: No research paper (Keine Studienarbeit)